An explanation of our fees 
If you would like to keep costs to a minimum we can offer a basic fee of £1200.00 plus VAT (£240.00) for obtaining a Grant of Probate. Please note, however, that it would be your responsibility to provide Britton and Co with all of the information required. You would also be responsible for collecting and distributing assets to beneficiaries. 
Our fees for full administration of an estate are outlined in the table below for your information: 
Up to £100,000.00 
£1,995.00 plus VAT (£399.00) 
Up to £200,000.00 
£2,995.00 plus VAT (£599.00) 
Up to £350,000.00 
£4,995.00 plus VAT (£999.00) 
Up to £750,000.00 
1.75% of its gross value 
Up to £1,500,000.00 
1.8% of its gross value 
Estates valued at over £1,500,000.00 will incur a fee of 1.3% of its gross value. 
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