Protect your loved ones by thinking about the future, planning ahead and preparing your last Will and testament today. 
Why do I need a Will? 
Keeping an up to date Will is essential, regardless of your age. 
If anything were to happen to you and you do not have a Will in place the rules of intestacy will apply. This means that your estate will be distributed amongst those individuals who are related to you by blood or by marriage and no consideration will be given to the quality of your relationships with close friends, who might have supported you throughout your life. They will be completely disregarded. 
To create a Will is to take control. Whether you have an extended family or a charity close to your heart, you can specify exactly how you want your estate to be distributed in the event of your death. 
You can have your final say on funeral arrangements, prevent disagreements and make a difficult time that little bit easier for friends and family. 
Book an appointment to speak with our Wills specialist today. We will listen and provide you with professional, up to date advice based on your requirements. 
If you are unable to attend the office in person, don’t worry. A member of staff can talk to you over the telephone and arrange a visit in the comfort of your own home to discuss your wishes. 
Will drafting is an extremely personal process. For this reason, we recommend you call or email us so that we can discuss what is required and provide you with an accurate quote. 
Please note that when a quote is provided, we will consider a number of different factors. For example, we will look into: 
The complexity of your requirements 
Are any home appointments needed? 
Is your request urgent and does it need to be prioritised/expedited? 
In order to provide you with a general idea of our fees, a single, straightforward Will, can be prepared by us for as little as £140.00 plus VAT. If you are a couple requiring Wills which are straightforward and similar in nature, i.e. they reflect each other’s wishes, then we offer a standard fee of £195.00 plus VAT for both. 
Being the executor of a Will is an important responsibility. One can often find oneself knee deep in appointments, forms and obligations. So much so, that there is often little time to grieve and reflect on the loss of your loved one. 
Let us take the pressure off by helping you obtain a Grant of Probate. 
What is a grant of Probate and why do I need to instruct a Solicitor? 
An executor needs to obtain a Grant of Probate in order to legally handle and distribute the deceased’s Estate. The amount of administration involved in obtaining a Grant of Probate depends hugely on the complexity of the deceased’s assets. You can apply for Probate without using a Solicitor. It can, however, prove time consuming. Those who are not familiar with the process can often find themselves overwhelmed or out of their depth. This is why we are here to help. 
Lasting Powers of Attorney 
Many people will contemplate what will happen to their affairs after they pass away and plan accordingly by making a Will. 
What about if you were to lose mental capacity or become physically incapable during your lifetime? Who will make those important decisions for you or help you with your day to day financial affairs? You would be wrong to assume that this responsibility automatically passes to a spouse, civil partner or family member. They will require a Lasting Power of Attorney. 
What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? 
A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to select someone to legally make decisions on your behalf or manage your financial affairs for you. It has to be made whilst you are of sound mind and will come into effect when it is required. 
There are 2 types of Power of Attorney for you to consider. These are as follows: 
Health and Welfare 
Property and Financial affairs 
We have a standard fee of £395.00 plus VAT for the preparation and registration of your Power of Attorney. Please note that you will also need to budget for the following disbursement: 
Office of the Public Guardian registration fee- £82.00 
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